Lust List #5

Hey everyone,

It is Monday again, so that means LUST LIST TIME!

P00064411-THE-BOYFRIEND-SHORTS-STANDARDCurrent/Elliot’s The Boyfriend Shorts

I am going to be travelling quite a bit over the next 2 months and since summer is coming (what am I am talking about, it is ALWAYS summer in Malaysia, where I am), I am super excited to be wear short shorts walking around touring! This pair of Current/Elliots will look super cute with white T-shirts and sandals!

P00063177-THE-BOYFRIEND-PRINT-DENIM-SHORTS-STANDARDMary Katrantzou Current/Elliot’s The Boyfriend Print Denim Shorts

Again with the whole summer/ traveling thing, this pair of shorts seems to be even more fitting what with the whole passport stamp print going on! Am very very impressed with this Mary Katrantzou collection, I’ve always LOVED her prints so to see her collaboration with more high-street brands makes me really happy!

P00059691-LEATHER-BALLERINAS-STANDARDChloe’s Leather Ballerina

I used to detest items that are too girly, and I was the girl that chose hip-hop dancing over ballet but this pair of ballerina flats is just so appealing! I love that the toe box is cut higher than usual ballerina flats that you see on the market! The color also looks so pretty and nice with a summer dress or also simple jeans!

P00058398-BAYSWATER-LEATHER-TOTE--STANDARDMulberry’s Bayswater Leather Tote

As a girl, I personally own multiple bags, of different sizes/color/types, but I had never dared to step out of my comfort zone into buying lighter-colored bags since I am super afraid of dirtying it, I am not one of the most careful-with-my-belonging type of people around. But this bag might be a stepping stone for me! I’ve always wanted a Bayswater from Mulberry but I didn’t want them in the normal Black or Oak-colored Mulberry is famous for since I have enough Black bags a sane person could possibly own and my Alexa is in the Oak colored! This Nude color is perfectly, so if you have the cash, please go buy this for yourself for my sake!

P00058386-LILY-GRAINY-SHOULDER-BAG--STANDARDMulberry’s Lily Grainy Shoulder Bag

Other than the Bayswater, I really think this Lily is so perfect too! The chain adds a little elegance so even if for a casual day out, it makes any outfit looks more prim and proper! This color in Deer Brown is a little lighter than the classic Oak color but nobody is going to complain about more neutral-colored bags!

P00055189-LEOPARD-KNIT-SCARF-STANDARDSaint Laurent’s Leopard Knit Scarf

I personally don’t like spending too much money on scarfs, but if I have the cash, I would sincerely consider in investing in this scarf! It will be so perfect for traveling! Not only as a scarf, for chilly airplane ride, this would be the PERFECT travel blanket! Ok, don’t want to dwell on this item too much! NEXT!

P00045000-CLASSIC-CITY-TOTE-STANDARDBalenciaga’s Classic Suede City Tote

I have always wanted a Balenciaga’s City Tote, and if you ask me a few years back, I would DIE for a classic black leather City, but after years had passed, but with like a million people around me owning the black leather version, I find that I would now prefer a bright-colored one, especially a blue one! Oh, and in suede on that matter! This charcoal-blue version although is a toned down color of what I’d imagine, it actually makes it much easier to match, NO?

So that is end of my weekly Lust List post.

As I mentioned, I will be traveling quite a bit, and I’m actually going to Taiwan this week, and coming back this Sunday to go see Andrea Bocelli live in Malaysia! I am uber excited for these upcoming events and I will be trying to vlog and blog these events too! So stay tuned for that and I will see you next time!



Lust List #2

8th April 2013

I swear doing this actually makes me feel happy and depressed at the same time. Happy when I’m browsing and I feel like I’m actually buying these stuffs, and depressed when I realize these things are not actually going to be on the way for me.


340511_in_xlZimmerman’s Locket Laser-Cut Bikini

This swimsuit is really making me want to just jump into a pool or swim in the sea, and mind you, I’m not even a close enough fan of either of these places. But the copper color and the laser-cut is so interesting and I imagine myself wearing in maybe chill underneath the shade by the pool or on the beach???

338276_in_xlAla├»a’s Cutout Suede Sandals

You see that? The whole laser-cut/cutout thing going on? I’m obsessed. I cannot think of any chic spring/summer outfit that will not go well with this pair of sandals! But only drawback, I don’t want to imagine the tan lines on my feet after wearing this under the sun.

334443_in_xlLanvin’s Metallic-trimmed textured-leather sneakers

Shoes, again. What’s new? Definitely an upgrade from the normal Converse sneakers (with a major price ‘upgrade’ too, of course), but it will make all your casual outfits maybe a little little bit more put together. Love it though.

335521_in_xlSaint Laurent’s Tribute Two Suede and Patent-Leather Pumps

Again, Sam? I don’t really have anything much to say about this pair of pumps. Please, just look at that! Well, yeah, maybe just the price. Can you please not be so expensive?

336064_in_xlRochas’ Two-Tone Leather Shopper

Ok, I just realized that all items on this week’s lust list is all in the category of neutral colors, but can you really blame me? They just look so gorgeous! This two-tone leather shopper especially, actual item that I will purchase if I have the money for it. I would carry it everywhere, (well, except maybe for the gym, beach and like hiking, but who am I kidding, I never go to these places anyway) and it would go with EVERYTHING!

Oh ya, I still need to do my hair inspiration post, because I most likely am going to go get my haircut this weekend!

And another beauty product review is coming up too, so stay tuned to that.

Ok, enough rambling, bye guys!


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