Shopping in the United States

As you might have read from my previous blog, I am currently now in the States! Shopping here is so fun, I have to admit. There is always some kind of sales or deals around, especially if you’re shopping online. And this is also highly geared towards student, since I am one now. I shop online most of the time now, except for my groceries. Actually no, I shop some of my groceries online too, because a lot of time it is really cheaper (plus I don’t have to carry them).

So here, I am going to give you 5 tips on shopping. Both online and physically, from clothes to personal care items and groceries.

1. If you shop anywhere, online or in-store, check out a site called RetailMeNot. This site gives you coupon codes and also sometimes tell you specific deals available. If you download the app on your phone, and turn on the location service on your phone, it will ring and give you notification if you reach an area that has deals available online. Super useful, but frankly quite annoying at times.

2. If you shop online, there are a quite site that gives you rebates if you click the link through the site. One is Ebates (referral link) or if you are a student, Student Rate, is sometimes really good too. My suggestion is check out both sites before you are thinking of purchasing something. Most of the time, they will even show you the available coupon codes to use, for the specific website you are looking at. You cannot use both link at the same time, to try to earn rebates from both sites, because you need to click through the sites link to the shopping sites before they can track your shopping. Rebates can go from 1%, up to 40% sometimes.

3. I know sometimes Walmart is not as popular among people, but if you are looking to save some money (some work needed), Walmart is a godsend with their price-match policy. Basically, if you find something cheaper anywhere else (in your area), you can tell your cashier when you’re checking out the item, and your cashier will change the price for you. But, they can only change the price for you, if there is a specific price that they can change too. That means if other stores has a buy 1 next 50% off deals, they cannot do that.

4. IF YOU ARE A STUDENT, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THAT PLEASE! A lot of stores give you a student discount if you show them your student ID. So whenever you are shopping, just ask if they offer a student discount, no harm done right? I found a post here that is super helpful! The few places that I’ve shopped before and asked for a student discount is Polo Ralph Lauren and J.Crew and they both offer a 15% discount even on sales item.

5. This might be a still troublesome to some people, but SO helpful in saving some money. Sign up for membership cards. For groceries stores like Hen House, Price Chopper to drugstores like CVS. They always offer pretty good deals that are available only to members. For things like personal care items, I like to go to CVS to purchase them. CVS always offer buy 1 get 50% deals or cash backs, they call them extra care bucks, where you buy a certain amount of stuffs and you get ‘cash backs’ that you can use to buy other stuffs. Plus, you can rack up points that will translate into extra care bucks in future.

That is all I have for you today, if you have any other questions, feel free to comment or email me ( and ask! I promise I won’t bite.