Lust List #4

Hello everybody!

Woah, 1 whole week has passed, that has gone quick enough!

OK, enough of that, let’s get to the the Lust List of the week!


Ralph Lauren Blue Label’s Slim Classic Trench Coat

I’ve always loved trench coats, I think they are so elegant and even though I personally already own a Ralph Lauren’s trench coat in a classic cream/khaki color but I absolutely love it so will not hesitate to invest in another one!

ImageCharlotte Olympia’s

A small departure away from another classic black strappy-heels. It is so eye-catching but still very easy and chic! I am now imagine wearing it with just a plain white shift dress. SO PRETTY!



In Malaysia, with its ridiculously hot weather, I for sure will not give up any summery sandals to be worn with every casual outfits. Even though I usually favor cleaner, simpler looking sandals, and this gladiator-inspired sandal is a little more strappy-er one than what I usually go for, the very interesting texture of the leather is so subtle it is awesome!


Victoria Beckham’s

Victoria Beckham, what can I say, you should be my best friend. I am usually what people would called as a boring person, in terms of the fashion items that I own, since I prefer to invest it something more wearable and higher-quality, BUT, Victoria Beckham’s product though ‘simple’ but is definitely luxurious and so classic!


Brian Atwood’s

I used to despise heels like that, because I thought they looked tacky and I cannot imagine the tan lines on your feet wearing them underneath the sun! BUT this pair changed my perceptions and I am even willing to sacrifice the possibility of wearing only covered shoes whilst the tan lines recovered.

So that is it, I guess!

See you next post!


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Lust List #3

Hey everybody!

Hope you had a great weekend, mine was really good! I had gotten a haircut, so my hair is now shorter, but it is still pretty long. I will show my new hair maybe in the next post comparing my long hair length and current hair! So, even though it is Monday already, what is better than to do some virtual window shopping?

First up,


Proenza Schouler’s PS11 Classic Textured-Leather Shoulder Bag

This, in my opinion, is the epitome of girl coolness. It is so tough-looking but not manly, if you know what I mean? Am personally not that a fan of the PS1s, but this just caught my eye like nothing else. Will definitely splash out cash for this baby, if I actually do have the cash, that’s it.322183_in_l

Valentino’s Studded Patent-Leather Flats

I can imagine wearing this with every outfit, really. From casual to actual formal looking outfits. Love the studs, love the straps, love the black, love the patent. Enough said.


Burberry Brit’s Satin-Twill Packaway Parka

I am actually currently on the hunt for a nice military-inspired jackets, parkas kind of thing. This is actually super gorgeous, and I really want it. BUT, the price, ermmmm no thank you. I will just have to settle for the H&M $50 version then. 346917_in_l

Rag & Bone JEAN’s Mila Printed Stretch-Denim Shorts

So cute, so cute, so cute, so cute!!! I am lately gearing more towards printed denim shorts as oppose to just normal blue denim shorts, I don’t actually know why. But they are so adorable, I CANNOT RESIST! I imagine wearing this with just plain coloured t-shirts. So cute! 350666_in_l

Valentino’s Va Va Voom Small Leather Shoulder Bag

To be really frank, I’ve always though of Valentino as a brand for more formal clothings but in the recent years, the brand has really changed my opinion towards them. As shown by this leather shoulder bag, the combination of studs and the soft ladylike colour is so pleasing to the eye, but unfortunately not so pleasing to da wallet!355012_in_l

By Malene Birger’s Tiari Lace-Trimmed Silk-Chiffon Gown

Though I absolutely loved the dress I wore to prom, this dress would be WONDERFUL to wear if I ever get to go again. It is so ladylike which I love, and the mixture of lace and silk-chiffon texture is so adorable! The price is actually not TOO bad, well, actually it is, for something I probably wear once, or at most twice. Anyways, if you can afford, please go for it and show me!!!

Ok, that’s it for today i guess, so BYE GUYS!!!


Hair Inspiration

Hey everyone,

As a continuation to my ‘Hair Dilemma‘ post, here is some of my hair inspirations!

m226180021m226180020f8051a26d20553aec1cff141661416a32009 MusiCares "Person Of The Year" Gala - ArrivalsI love the length of these haircuts and also the waves. So effortless looking and so pretty. BUT as I mentioned before, I have fine but relatively straight hair so I’m afraid that my hair will not hold its style.

tumblr_mb72r3UDVK1qb3tg7o1_500straight-cute-shoulder-length-haircuts-image4RBY-shoulder-length-hair-Brooklyn-Decker-mdn-22123154489a82b597d0fee93d4fb140c8bb28b04c0d58c708d7facc0a21d4316a412e69I’m leaning more towards these hairstyles, where its is straight and easier to blow dry. I am especially loving Olivia Palermo’s hair with its middle parting and the nicely blow dried look!

So what do you guys think? Please give me some opinion on to what hairstyle I should go for! Any comment would be great too, actually.

Ok then, enough for today, bye guys!


Lust List #2

8th April 2013

I swear doing this actually makes me feel happy and depressed at the same time. Happy when I’m browsing and I feel like I’m actually buying these stuffs, and depressed when I realize these things are not actually going to be on the way for me.


340511_in_xlZimmerman’s Locket Laser-Cut Bikini

This swimsuit is really making me want to just jump into a pool or swim in the sea, and mind you, I’m not even a close enough fan of either of these places. But the copper color and the laser-cut is so interesting and I imagine myself wearing in maybe chill underneath the shade by the pool or on the beach???

338276_in_xlAlaïa’s Cutout Suede Sandals

You see that? The whole laser-cut/cutout thing going on? I’m obsessed. I cannot think of any chic spring/summer outfit that will not go well with this pair of sandals! But only drawback, I don’t want to imagine the tan lines on my feet after wearing this under the sun.

334443_in_xlLanvin’s Metallic-trimmed textured-leather sneakers

Shoes, again. What’s new? Definitely an upgrade from the normal Converse sneakers (with a major price ‘upgrade’ too, of course), but it will make all your casual outfits maybe a little little bit more put together. Love it though.

335521_in_xlSaint Laurent’s Tribute Two Suede and Patent-Leather Pumps

Again, Sam? I don’t really have anything much to say about this pair of pumps. Please, just look at that! Well, yeah, maybe just the price. Can you please not be so expensive?

336064_in_xlRochas’ Two-Tone Leather Shopper

Ok, I just realized that all items on this week’s lust list is all in the category of neutral colors, but can you really blame me? They just look so gorgeous! This two-tone leather shopper especially, actual item that I will purchase if I have the money for it. I would carry it everywhere, (well, except maybe for the gym, beach and like hiking, but who am I kidding, I never go to these places anyway) and it would go with EVERYTHING!

Oh ya, I still need to do my hair inspiration post, because I most likely am going to go get my haircut this weekend!

And another beauty product review is coming up too, so stay tuned to that.

Ok, enough rambling, bye guys!


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Review: Laura Mercier’s Original Tinted Moisturizer SPF20

Hello everybody!

Today, I’m going to talk about the Laura Mercier’s Original Tinted Moisturizer with SPF20 and also a little comparison with the Laura Mercier’s Silk Creme Foundation. Check out my review about the foundation here.

First up, the product itselfImage

On Laura Mercier’s website, it is described as “a perfect blend of skincare and makeup that hydrates skin and softens fine lines with a sheer hint of colour for a healthy, dewy glow”.

Before I continue, I just want to say again that I have sensitive,combination acne-prone skin. More details, here.


Broke my skin out? No, it didn’t.
Coverage? Light coverage, good for even out skin tone.
Apply with fingers, brush or sponge? I just apply and blend them in with my fingers
How to apply? I apply some of the product on my fingers and rub the foundation between them to warm it up and apply to my face, blending them out in circular motions on my face.
Colour/Shade? I have this foundation in shade Blush, it is the perfect match to my skin colour.

It has a SPF of 20, which is suits me just fine on a day-to-day basis, since I don’t really get out under the sun much, but if I do go out under the sun, I apply my usual sunblock underneath this tinted moisturizer.

There are 4 types of product in Laura Mercier’s tinted moisturizer range and that is the tinted moisturizer creme compact, the original tinted moisturizer (which is only named as ‘tinted moisturizer’), the tinted moisturizer – oil free and the tinted moisturizer – illuminating. All of them have SPF20. Even though I have combination skin where my T-zone gets oily, I prefer the original tinted moisturizer because I like the little luminosity I get from it. I solve my T-zone oily-looking skin problem by applying some of Benefit’s Porefessional, which I will do a review on soon. The oil-free tinted moisturizer leaves a matte skin and if you have really oil skin, I really recommend that. The illuminating one looks really nice too, but on my skin, it can be too oily-looking at times. It would be perfect for people with dry, dull skin!Image

I really do like this product because it is so moisturizing and I can get a relatively light, but still good, coverage with two layers and it doesn’t cake up. Even though it is a tinted moisturizer, I still apply my usual moisturizer underneath it, just because I like and need all that extra moisture I can get. I wear the product during the day as my foundation and it does looks very natural, and I do set it with a little of Laura Mercier’s Translucent Powder.

Ok, now for the comparison between the Tinted Moisturizer and the Silk Creme Foundation.

Tinted Moisturizer on the Left and Silk Creme Foundation on the right.

If you prefer something light, suitable for everyday and has SPF, the tinted moisturizer would be your definite choice! If you are looking for a full coverage, flawless finish, not too matte, good for wearing in photographs, the Silk Creme should be your go-to. Even if I love both these products for its own specific purpose, I would both probably only buy the Silk Creme Foundation next time just because I think I could just mix some of the my own moisturizer with the foundation and make my own tinted moisturizer, if that makes sense?

Anyway, please go check out these products at your local counters if you are interested and the same thing if you are in Malaysia, you can find Laura Mercier in Lot 10, One Utama, Pavillion, the Gardens Mid Valley, Bangsar Village II and Parkson Grand Gurney Plaza.
As of the time I am writing this post, this foundation retails for RM169 locally and you can also find it online locally at Kensapothecary.

Hope you found this post useful and please leave me feedback. Any feedback is good feedback to me. I would love to hear about anything else too though, product recommendations, opinions about my writing, ANYTHING.

Thank you for reading, and BYE!

Hair dilemma

Hey everyone,

So I’m now in a serious dilemma. I want a change. On my hair, that is. I have, dare I say, very typical Chinese Asian women hair. It is dark, straight, flat, and fine. It all can be thought good or bad depends on how and what you think, but I really want a change.

I’m not willing to dye it or permanently perm it, so my only obvious choice to go for a change is a cut! I want to go short, but I don’t mean Samantha Ronson short, I mean like Alexa Chung short. How I wish I have Alexa’s effortless looking hair. But that would take a lot of work to look like that, on a day to day basis, since my hair is incapable of holding ANY STYLE! Oh, and I don’t think I will be doing full-on bangs too, because I’ve BEEN THERE, DONE THERE, not going back though. I now have long grown side swept bangs.

So my current hair length is pretty long, as in even if I’m topless, my hair is able to cover my chest, with the longest part of my hair even touches my waist. So what style should I go for do you think, my dear readers? Celebrity inspiration is much appreciated. I might post some of my own celebrity inspiration hair pictures on my next post.

So stay tuned to that and please do give me some ideas on what I should do to my hair!

Thank you!!!

Lust List #1

1st April 2013 Lust List

I will try to do this once a week, sourcing items readily available to be purchased on the internet that I am lusting over!


Tabitha Simmons “Early Suede Ankle Boots”
This pair of boots remind of Chloe’s famous Susan boots which I am not really a big fan of, even though it is all ‘fashion people’s’ current obsession. The studs on the Susan made it very edgy-looking but it prefer it without so that it looks more elegant it the pair above.


Charlotte Olympia “Monacoco Linen Platform Pumps”
Charlotte Olympia’s style of shoes are not usually something that I will go after since it is more trendy, not something classic that I usually sought after, but I just CAN’T resist the whole super obvious platform, the contrasting colour, the mixed fabric/texture. Love IT!


J Brand “1446 Jewel Zip Moto Capri Jeans”
Despite all the trendy coloured/textured/printed jeans coming out from all brands, I will never stop my search for the perfect black jeans. I love the zip detailing on the jeans and the crop style!


Rag & Bone “Striped Cut-Off Shorts”
I LOVE SHORTS! I LOVE STRIPED! So this is the best of both worlds. I have a pair of striped cut-off shorts from American Eagle that I wear so much I swear it is nearly falling apart, but as I remember, that was only like USD10, so 165 Euro might be a little too too too much for me to splurge on.


Oliver Peoples “The Soloist Teardrop Aviator Sunglasses”
I think that EVERYONE should have at least a pair of aviator sunglasses. I personally have 3 pairs of the aviator style out of the 4 sunglasses I have. I love this pair though, it is so chic, so durable-looking and so tough-looking, if you know what I mean. I think I should splurge on a pair of nice ones since all my sunglasses are super cheap ones, (the most expensive one cost like $15. But for 440Euros, I might need time to justify this purchase if I finally made the plunge.

So yeah, I guess that it is for my first ‘Lust List’, see you next time!


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