The Vow

Watched the movie ‘The Vow’ last Saturday together with a bunch of friends of a part of a friend’s birthday celebration. Okay, that was quite a mouthful.


Moving on. The movie, in short, is about a man who has a wife who lost her memories in a car accident and doesn’t remember him at all. Then the man worked really hard to make his wife fall in love with him all over again.

I thought that this movie was really sweet. It was quite lighthearted in most of the parts, but was quite sad in some too. And as you can see from the poster above, it stars Channing Tatum(star of ‘She’s The Man’ fame) as Leo and Rachel McAdams(of ‘The Notebook’ fame) as Paige. And could I say, Channing Tatum, dayum!

I think it is overall a great movie, though I won’t pay to watch this movie again. It is suitably so, out in the cinemas during Valentine’s Day period. The things Leo in the movie, did for Paige was so sweet, that all the women(like 95%) in the cinema went awwwwwwww.

It is a great movie for everyone, couples or not. Actually, I think it is a good movies for girls to watch on a girls’ night out. I am pretty sure all the men watching the movie in the cinema was forced to watch it by their girlfriends/wives. Oh, but maybe children shouldn’t watch it. There was this scene when Channing Tatum was butt naked, literally.

So ya, overall, I’d rate it a 6/10! I like it but will not fork out money to watch it again in the cinema.

Ok, end.


It Will Rain

Hi. It is now day 5(?) of Project 365. Again. So far so good.

Date: 18th Nov 2011
Realised that I’ve never posted a close up shot of my face in this blog? Or have I? Oh well, at least not recently. This is how I look like, hair up, fringe up, when I’m just casually chillin’, not outdoor.


Another obligatory frown-y eyebrows shot! Hahahahahahha

Went out this morning to watch the first part of Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Pretty good movie I should say. So so so much better than the 2nd and 3rd, albeit the gory childbirth scene, although that made me cry. How Bella as a mother would suffer for the existence of her baby, that was really touching. I’m relatively sentimental, love stories rarely makes me cry. I cry when there parent-child sad storyline involved, or if it involves animals.

“It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars was featured in the movie. Good song, Bruno Mars is awesome in general.

Signing off.