Random Dress Sketches

Remember I said I would scan some of my sketches and post them up? Turns out scanner doesn’t really work because I draw really lightly. So I took pictures of all my sketches and am going to post some of them!

Here goes













I don’t think I actually have a distinctive style, but I do like to showcase a woman’s waist to create hourglass shape. You can see, for shorter dresses, I like them to be tight most of the time. As for longer dress length, I like them flowy, romantic and princessy(in an elegant way, not little kids princessy way).

I also know I still have so much to improve on my drawing, especially my sketches. I do appreciate so much if you(anyone) leave a comment telling me how to improve and giving me more inspiration to sketch.

And oh, it’s March!

Ok, bye.


Japanese Men’s Eyebrows

Y U so thin?!?!?!

On the first or second day of the Japan trip, me and my cousin both noticed a Japanese man with super thin, obviously shaved eyebrows. Mind you, the man looked very masculine, so the thin eyebrows looked so weird on him. But then we realised that every men the Japan shave their eyebrows to thin lines there! From teenagers, to mid-age men. Everyone!

All photos are taken from Google Images, with the keywords ‘Japanese Men Eyebrows’ keyed in.
Didn’t take any photos, because I don’t really dare to go up to any Japanese to take photos of their eyebrows.



I mean just look at that! How can anyone thinks its sexy and hot on a man?!?!?! I do strongly believe in keeping a tidy and ruly eyebrows even on a man but bushy and thick is obviously more manlier!

I learned that from my mum that Japanese men shave their eyebrows to show that they take care of the appearance and shaved eyebrows shows that they look over every single detail of things that show to people.
But here are the examples of how they can do it better!


*I do realise one is half American and half Korean, and the other half Taiwanese and half Japanese but just trying to show their eyebrows.*
Ok, so look at their eyebrows. It has obviously been cleaned and shaped, but the thick and bushy brows is still there and is more manlier, makes the eyes more piercing and makes girls swoon and…and…and… Just plain sexy.

I’m just going to abruptly end it by saying, guys with thicker brows are cuter.

Hello world!

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Previously, I have been blogging at www.(notgoingtotellyou).(notgoingtotellyou).com.

Only few of the closest friends know about it. I talk about random stuffs, and I am going to do it here too. And no, I haven’t deleted my previous blog, so you people who know it can still visit it.  I’m going to blog things, you guys told me to blog starting from next year.

I will prepare to blog about the Germany trip. So, please wait.

Bye, samevernever