Random 10 ‘Am I Weird or You’re The One Who Is Weird’ Things

(This is one of my unfinished old drafts. Basically random 10 things about me, really. Hope you enjoy!)

Ok, so one day I sat down and wonder, of the many things that people think I’m weird because I do them, or not do them in some cases, am I actually the normal and everyone is crazy, or I’m the lone weird person and everyone is normal?

Random 10 ‘Am I Weird or You’re The One Who Is Weird’ Things
1. I hate fruits when they are cooked! Especially savoury ones and apple pies. As much as I love apples, I HATE every kind of cooked apples, be it apple pie, apple crumbles, apple strudels, whatever, I HATE THEM ALL! I don’t really know what. Of course, fruit sauces and jam does not count!

2. I have an intense fear of lizards (the small ones that appear on your wall at home, well at least if you lived in hot-weather country). The is probably the first time I ever admit it in public, because I am usually not afraid of any small animal, and insects. BUT, weirdly so, I am not that scared of the big lizards, i.e. monitor lizards and whatnots.

3. I have a weird OCD condition. I keep some specific parts of my stuff VERY tidy and others VERY messy, not intentionally, of course!For example I keep my pencil case/bag very tidy, like I mean I am obsessed with how all pens and pencils head need to be in the same way etc. Oh and I’m obsessed with keeping all my files and things in folder on my computer. When a see single file loitering around, it doesn’t make me very happy. BUT, my wardrobe is an absolute mess, like I mean MESSY, like 98% of the time.

4. My favourite cola drink is Pepsi Max. I don’t care if Pepsi is apparently not the real ‘cola’ and if Pepsi Max used artificial sugar and is unhealthy what not? I like it a lot, and as if Coca-Cola is very healthy….

5. I don’t sweat. Literally. Like even if I ran 1500km under hot, burning sun, I get really red on my face, and my skin might be burned, I don’t get sweaty, like not a single drop. People say this is weird and it’s bad of me. But come on, like I can change this thing about me, and get sweaty all the time. But frankly, I’m happy that I’m that kind who don’t sweat, cause I don’t smell, weird, and my clothes are never yuckily soaked in sweat. I’m pretty sure I got this from my dad, cause mum sweat like a pig when she exercises(don’t tell her I said this) and I have never ever ever ever ever seen my dad sweat, or smell yucky man sweat at home!

6. I like checking out people’s collar bone. Is that weird? I don’t know. I’ve notice so many kinds of collar bone. The nonexistent ones, crazily protruding ones, unsymmetrical ones…

7. I have slight photographic memory. i.e. I spell better if I’ve seen the word and I remember things better if I have seen it and when people describe things to me, I usually imagine something opposite to what the thing actually is.

8. I love chocolate, but only dark chocolate, and the occasional milk chocolate if it is not too sweet. I absolutely CANNOT stand white chocolate, it is too sweet for my liking, though my family will never agree since that think that nothing is considered too sweet for him.

9. When I watch the movie “Julie and Julia”, the character Meryl Streep played based on Julia Child mentioned that “There is no such thing as too much butter.” I literally jumped up and said “Yes! Yes! Yes!” I totally agree. I love butter! BUTTER! BUTTER! BUTTER!

10. I am 18, (turning 19 this year), but I prefer a nice Air Supply or a cheery The Carpenters over the likes of Rihanna anyday. Is that weird?

So yeah, that’s my random 10 things. Tell me something random about yourself, would love to hear about it!
Hope you like this post and I will be back, hopefully, soon!



Random 10 Pet Peeves/OCD of Mine

Pet peeves means, to me, things that annoys me a lot.

OCD means, to me, things that I tend to do obsessively.

Random 10 Pet Peeves/OCD of Mine
(in no particular order)

1. I have this this weird thing that I do when I do my work in school. If I have a choice, I will ONLY write my answers in blue or lead, notes in black, and mark only in red.

2. I always say, write, type a entirely different word when I know the correct word I was going to use in my mind. If you understand what I mean.

3. I get very annoyed when people mess up my highlighters when I borrow them. i.e.: people use a yellow highlighter over a blue one thus making my yellow one green.

4. People talking on a phone loudly, and for a long period of time, in the same room as I am, and I have to speak really softly as to not disturb that person’s conversation, when they can just speak as they like outside

5. When people don’t look at me when I’m talking to them.

6. People who chew very loudly, especially chewing gum, because it is kind of never-ending. I don’t chew gum.

7. People who type out words like, skool(school), kewl(cool), kyute(cute). I mean seriously, just type properly.

8. People who say “BTW”, when they can say “by the way”.

9. When I go away for a while, to go to the toilet or get a drink or something, and I come back to see my seat being taken.

10. When people say “literally” unsuitably and inappropriately. i.e.: “It literally blew my mind away!” Like what?!?!?! How can your mind be blown away, literally?

Ok. End.

Random 10 Favourite iPhone Photography App

As an iPhone user, abusing all the iPhone app that are offered is compulsory. There are my random 10 favourite photography apps for iPhone (possibly available for Androids too).

Random 10 Favourite Photography App:
(in no particular order)
1. Instagram
This is definitely one of the favourites! I am pretty sure I mentioned it before in my random 10 iPhone apps post before? This app is amazing! There is tons of filters to choose and I love that you set up a account there, and you share pictures like a social networking site. You get to follow and see other people’s photos and follow cool celebrities and what nots. The ONLY problem I have with this app is that you cannot save your photo if you don’t have Internet connection.
This is free to download

2. Photoshake.
I like that I can just select photos and then I literally shake it and it combines all my selected photos into a beautiful collage/picture for me!
I think this is around $1. But frankly, not worth my money, I am pretty sure there are free apps outside that can do this too.

3. MoreLomo
This app was the first photography app I tried on a iPhone 4. I don’t have my iPhone yet at that time, but my friend who has one told me that this was the coolest. It really is. It automatically filters any photo you take into the Lomo effect. Although now I know so many more apps that can do more than the Lomo, I still strongly recommend this!
This is free to download.

4. Pixlromatic
This is very similar to Instgram, minus the social networking and need of Internet connection so this is amazing in my book.
This is free to download

5. Popbooth
This is really cute! It takes four pictures, one after the other, and you can put through filters with them. My favourite one is the one where they change your photos into different colours.
This is free to download.

6. LemeLeme
I’m starting to see a pattern here now. This is one is very very similar, again, to the Pixlromatic. It has many different filters, but for this one, I can tell you my favourite. I love the rainbow leme filter, just cause I think it makes my colourful photos look even more vibrant!
This is free to download.

7. Pudding Camera
I swear this is one of the best! You choose camera type and features before you snap! When I first downloaded it, it was in Korean which was a little annoying because I don’t understand the language but now the English version is available! Go download it NOW!
This is free to download.

8. CameraTimer
Just cause iPhone camera’s doesn’t offer a timer. There are times when I want to take a group shot without leaving anyone out or I want to take self shots and there’s no one to help me!

9. MultiLens
This is so fun! You get to choose your templates, how many boxes, and then you take pictures according to the boxes. A little hard to explain, just go download it!
It is FREE!

10. Plastic Bullet
You take your picture, then they magically transform your picture into pretty ones!!!

Random 10 Favourite TV Shows

Time for another Random 10!
This time, I’m doing my 10 Favourite TV Shows. These are all in English, so I might share all my Asian tv shows next time if anyone is interested?

Random 10 Favourite TV Show
(in no particular order)
1. True Blood
(People who know me whole probably also know my obsession with True Blood. Love the twist in which the vampire existence is acknowledged though not agreed by everyone. I even read all the books that the show was based on by Charlaine Harris. Favourite character is Eric Northman.)

2. How I Met Your Mother
(I mean seriously, who doesn’t know this show and love it! Favourite character has to be Barney Stinson just because Neil Patrick Harris is awesome!)/em>

3. South Park
(This is definitely can br considered my guilty pleasure. I watch a lot of South Park to be honest. I’m obsessed! Eric Cartman is my favourite character!)

4. The Nanny
(This is a pretty old TV show in compared to the other ones mentioned. It is so funny, I totally suggest everyone watch this. Fran Drescher as The Nanny is hilarious!)

5. Modern Family
(I at first thought it was really boring but really, this is my favourite TV Show at the moment! Sofia Vergata as Gloria and the kid who plays Manny are my favourite character.)

6. Skins
(I didn’t watch this show until recently, and by recently I mean few months ago but that is not the point. Though many people hate it because it kinda isn’t very general rated most of the time, I feel like it actually teaches and tells something. My favourite episode is the one named Sketch. How a person can be so in love with people and does crazy stalking things to just be near that person. I love the guy who played Maxxie, thinks he is super hot.) /em>

7. Glee
(I have always loved musical and I love that the show doesn’t only sings modern songs but also from the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s… It’s awesome. Favourite character is Brittany by Heather Morris.)

8. The Glee Project
(This is a sub-show(?) of the Glee. It is a contest for people who wants roles on Glee. People on the show is so talented it’s crazy! Favourite is Cameron Mitchell, crazily cute! Believe he had a chance to win if he didn’t pull out.)

9. Keeping Up With The Kardashian
(This is one of the lamest show I have ever seen! But it is fun to watch, have to say!)

10. Sex and the City
(Love it!!! Fashion wise and the whirlwind romance of the character! Fun show to watch, Carrie Bradshaw is awesome!

Hahaha, bye!

Random 10 Favourite Bands/Singers

This is a scheduled post. I should still be in Japan.

I love music. Many different kinds too, from house to jazz, just any kind that tickles my pickles. I sometimes feel that music from the 20th century(the second half) is so much better than the 21st century, but most of my favourite artists are from this century, just cause I have a better understanding of what and how they do their thing. That’s just what I think, so let’s start the list.

Random 10 Favourite Bands/Singers:
(in no particular order)

1. Coldplay
(I really really like Coldplay. I love Chris Martin’s voice, and most of their songs. My favourite is ‘The Scientist’.)/em>

2. Bread
(I’m not really sure, but I think this band is from the 70’s. They are a soft rock band and my favourite song from them is ‘If’. Such a classic.)

3. Billy Joel
(So that day I was listening to a Billy Joel greatest hits album, and my mum was really shocked. I love Billy Joel, his songs, especially ‘The Longest Time’, and ‘Uptown Girl’ are my favourite!)

4. Michael Bublè
(A family favourite. My whole family loves him! His version of all the oldies I love is amazing! His own originals that includes ‘Home’, ‘Lost’ and ‘Everything’ are my favourites.)

5. Westlife
(I was really young when Westlife started, but that time, hanging out with teenager cousin who was boyband obsessed means memorizing all their songs so I can belt them out with the cousins. Favourite includes ‘Season in the Sun’ and ‘Flying Without Wings’)

6. Blue
(Hahahaha, another boyband. My favourite is ‘Best in Me’. Nuff’ said.

7. Leehom Wang (王力宏)
(Probably the only mandarin singer I’m obsessed with. My one and only mandarin concert was his. My favourite is ‘爱错’)

8. Boyz II Men
(J’adore! Too many favourites needed to be included! But mainly ‘End of the Road’ and ‘A Song for Mama’ and ‘On Bended Knees’!)

9. Phil Collins
(Amazing British! Favourites are obviously ‘You’ll Be In My Heart’ and ‘Against All Odds’.)

10. James Morrison
(I love love love love his voice!!! His song ‘You Give Me Something’ is played like 400 times on my iPod!)

Btw, Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates Christmas! Happy holidays to those who don’t!!! My family isn’t Christian but we love the Christmas celebrations and spirit.

‘Have yourself a merry little Christmas!’

Signing off.

10 Most Used iPhone Apps

This is the second scheduled post. I should still be in Vietnam.

I use the iPhone. I have the 4th generation one in black since mum doesn’t need it.
I don’t spend that much money on the apps, and always opt for the free ones rather than the ones that needed to be paid. I do fork out if the particular app is really needed and/or has really high review rates.

Top 10 Most Used IPhone Apps:
(in no particular order)
1. Whatsapp
(Whatsapp is definitely one of the most used app. It costs $0.99, but I would highly recommend it. This app sends message through Internet connection and also allows you to send pictures, voice notes and many other. Since many people, iPhone users, Blackberry users, even HTC, Androids have them so it is worth it. Though other phones offer it for free if I’m not mistaken)

(Because we need to get connected, yo!)

3.Temple Run
(My friend Emira introduced this game to me, and I’m addicted! Be prepare to lose a few hours a day playing this game if you ever download it. That was what happened when i told my cousin to download this game.)

(Makes blogging to much easier!)

(I don’t really tweet, unless I’m really bored. I go up usually to just stalk friends and celebrities. Do go search for a guy name Tommy Wee from Singapore. He is an editor for a men’s magazine there and he posts the wittiest tweets.)

6. Talkbox
(I use this because sometimes words just cannot fully express what you want to tell someone. This enables you to send voice notes more conveniently.)

7. Skype
(Very convenient and just easy to and cheaper to call people overseas.)

8.The Weather Channel
(I like how they tell you the latest temperature and weather conditions in many parts of the world, also the next 36 hours and next 10 days.)

9. Pixl-ro-matic
(Best photography app ever! Like Instagram, this offers many different types of photo effects and frames to be used.)

10.XE Currency Exchange App
(Since I travel a lot, and use different currency from all over the world, this app converts everything for me and make my calculations so much more easier.)

I do use more social networking site apps than others. I’m not that much of a games person, just can’t be bothered. This list might change next month, next week or even tomorrow, this is my favourite as of now. Please do suggest more interesting apps you think I should know.

Signing off.

Random 10 Websites

Time for another random 10?

Here are the 10 websites I visit most frequently: (in no particular order)

1. Facebook
(Erm, ya. Understandable?)

2. 9gag.com
(Where all memes and puns come to life.)

3. Wendy’s Lookbook
(This fashion blogger is just very inspiring. She’s very pretty, very petite, seems really cute and she’s Asian(not that Asians are the best, but you know, I’m Asian.))

4. YouTube
(Where I can spend hours on, and not get bored.)

5. Hotmail
(To check my e-mails, duh.)

6. OMG Facts
(Where I read random facts.

7. The Blonde Salad
(This fashion blogger from Milan is super pretty, has model-like body, a super super big collection of designer’s stuffs—though it is really weird since she’s quite young— and blonde.)

8. Fashion Toast
(Half-white and half-Japanese heritage is what makes this blogger have amazing facial features. She is not what everyone would say pretty, but I do think she is, and I love her style, very laid-back and cool at times, super cool and dressed up at times. Two thumbs up.)

9. A Cup of Jo
(A witty and interesting lifestyle blog by Jo from New York. She writes about many things, comfortable fashion, family, relationships… Her son Toby, who is frequently features on her blog, is one of the main reasons that draws me to this blog, so adorable!)

10. Proudduck
(A local Malaysian blogger who started out blogging about her life in London few years back now blogs about mainly fashion as she now handles a online shopping site, and also her life. Love her funny take on random things.)

So that’s about it. I do realise most of them are fashion blog, but I am really drawn to this kind of things? Go check all the sites out and tell me what you think. Tell me what you want to know about me too, so I can figure out what I want to do for the next ‘Random 10’.

Signing off.