How did I come up with ‘samevernever’?

If you knew me, and have asked me how I got ‘samevernever’ (which is obviously not my real name, you stupid moron who thought it might be my name), I would have told you this:

I wanted a very special username. First, I put my name, Sam, in front of the username. Then at that time, everyone’s username was something like that, I wanted to keep up with the’trend’, so then I continued ‘Sam’ with ‘ever’. Thus, ‘samever’ came out. Then I thought, if my name were to be ‘samever’, people may think it’s ‘same-ver’, and it’s kinda… short. So I decide to put never, as it rhyme with ever. Ok la, forever, then never. What you want??? Seriously, I didn’t really give much thought to that at that time. So at last, ‘samevernever’ was born.

Okay la, if you knew me, and asked me about it, I may not have told you the whole passage above. Just the forever part and the too short, then add never part.


One thought on “How did I come up with ‘samevernever’?

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