New beginnings? (again)


I’m back.

I think.


After nearly a year hiatus, I am kinda ready to step back into blogging “publicly” after the kind words and encouragement from my two best friends Yin Min and Pui Yee.


Let’s see what I have been doing since I last posted:

1. End of April, I went to Taiwan with two of my cousins. We were there for only 3 days 2 nights, but it was an incredibly fun 3 days 2 nights trip.

2. Mid-may, specifically 13th of May (I remember because May 13 is a pretty significant day to Malaysian), I went to Korea with my mum and a few of my aunts and my cousin from my dad’s side of the family. I can’t really remember how many days specifically, but it was a little over a week. It was my first time there, and it certainly will not be my last. 

3. Early June (specifically on my birthday, actually), me, my mum and two of cousins went to Bangkok, Thailand. It is an annual affair, where we would shop, get massages, get food and pray to the four-faced Buddha. 

4. In July, together with my 3 best friends (chingus, I mean), we went to our first ever trip together to Singapore. I’ve been to Singapore numerous times before, so it wasn’t like super foreign or anything, but the fact that we all get to hang out like that, it was super freakin awesome okay?! We went to Universal Studio, explored the city, ate good food and just chill. I wish we could do that at least once every year.

5. In August, together with a group of my family from my mum’s side, went to Gaya Island for a short beach vacation. It wasn’t the best experience, because we were kinda dissapointed by the bad service we were offered, but the time spent with family was AMAZING! Little did I know it would be our last family vacation of the year.

6. In September, I enrolled in a private university in Malaysia and majored in Mass Communications with my best friend, Pui Yee. It was a very sudden decision and it was nice to hang out with my best friend, ALL DAY EVERYDAY.

7. In December, I left that school to come to the States (which I’m currently still at). Me and my cousin decided to come to Kansas to further our studies and it has been quite fun living by ourselves. I will try to share more about my student life.

8. In January, school started and my official college life has begun. We experienced bad weather, met new people, learn to live more independently.

9. In March, during spring break, we went to Chicago for a few days, together with my cousin’s friend Han Ying, who was on a working holiday from Malaysia. It was so nice to be in a city, after spending a few months in relatively quiet Kansas.

10. And now here I am, nothing has really changed, actually everything has changed. I hope I can continue blogging and sharing thoughtful thoughts, so I can look back at the posts and laugh at myself 10 years later.


I will try to get at least a post up every week, and I would love to share my thoughts on everyday things, talk about myself and my self, get reviews up and also possibly share a food recipe or two occasionally here.

Even though I probably won’t be blogging super frequently on this platform, I do post daily on my Dayre, so you can read my posts there about my daily (mundane) life if you’d like. I would love if you would download the app here, so we could follow each other and share comments too. 

Next post will be about shopping. Specifically how to save a little money when shopping.

And with that, I end my post.



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