Random 10 ‘Am I Weird or You’re The One Who Is Weird’ Things

(This is one of my unfinished old drafts. Basically random 10 things about me, really. Hope you enjoy!)

Ok, so one day I sat down and wonder, of the many things that people think I’m weird because I do them, or not do them in some cases, am I actually the normal and everyone is crazy, or I’m the lone weird person and everyone is normal?

Random 10 ‘Am I Weird or You’re The One Who Is Weird’ Things
1. I hate fruits when they are cooked! Especially savoury ones and apple pies. As much as I love apples, I HATE every kind of cooked apples, be it apple pie, apple crumbles, apple strudels, whatever, I HATE THEM ALL! I don’t really know what. Of course, fruit sauces and jam does not count!

2. I have an intense fear of lizards (the small ones that appear on your wall at home, well at least if you lived in hot-weather country). The is probably the first time I ever admit it in public, because I am usually not afraid of any small animal, and insects. BUT, weirdly so, I am not that scared of the big lizards, i.e. monitor lizards and whatnots.

3. I have a weird OCD condition. I keep some specific parts of my stuff VERY tidy and others VERY messy, not intentionally, of course!For example I keep my pencil case/bag very tidy, like I mean I am obsessed with how all pens and pencils head need to be in the same way etc. Oh and I’m obsessed with keeping all my files and things in folder on my computer. When a see single file loitering around, it doesn’t make me very happy. BUT, my wardrobe is an absolute mess, like I mean MESSY, like 98% of the time.

4. My favourite cola drink is Pepsi Max. I don’t care if Pepsi is apparently not the real ‘cola’ and if Pepsi Max used artificial sugar and is unhealthy what not? I like it a lot, and as if Coca-Cola is very healthy….

5. I don’t sweat. Literally. Like even if I ran 1500km under hot, burning sun, I get really red on my face, and my skin might be burned, I don’t get sweaty, like not a single drop. People say this is weird and it’s bad of me. But come on, like I can change this thing about me, and get sweaty all the time. But frankly, I’m happy that I’m that kind who don’t sweat, cause I don’t smell, weird, and my clothes are never yuckily soaked in sweat. I’m pretty sure I got this from my dad, cause mum sweat like a pig when she exercises(don’t tell her I said this) and I have never ever ever ever ever seen my dad sweat, or smell yucky man sweat at home!

6. I like checking out people’s collar bone. Is that weird? I don’t know. I’ve notice so many kinds of collar bone. The nonexistent ones, crazily protruding ones, unsymmetrical ones…

7. I have slight photographic memory. i.e. I spell better if I’ve seen the word and I remember things better if I have seen it and when people describe things to me, I usually imagine something opposite to what the thing actually is.

8. I love chocolate, but only dark chocolate, and the occasional milk chocolate if it is not too sweet. I absolutely CANNOT stand white chocolate, it is too sweet for my liking, though my family will never agree since that think that nothing is considered too sweet for him.

9. When I watch the movie “Julie and Julia”, the character Meryl Streep played based on Julia Child mentioned that “There is no such thing as too much butter.” I literally jumped up and said “Yes! Yes! Yes!” I totally agree. I love butter! BUTTER! BUTTER! BUTTER!

10. I am 18, (turning 19 this year), but I prefer a nice Air Supply or a cheery The Carpenters over the likes of Rihanna anyday. Is that weird?

So yeah, that’s my random 10 things. Tell me something random about yourself, would love to hear about it!
Hope you like this post and I will be back, hopefully, soon!



Review: Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation

Hey everyone, today I’m back with another post! I am reviewing the two Laura Mercier’s face base that I personally own which is the Silk Creme Foundation and the Original Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20. But today, we are going to focus only on the Silk Creme Foundation.

So how I am going to do these kind of posts is that I will first talk about each of them in two separate posts and then compare them together in another post. Ok, let’s go.

First up, the foundation.


On the Laura Mercier’s website, the foundation is describe as “an innovative full coverage foundation that makes the skin look luminous and rich. By combining a special collection of silk proteins, tea extracts and treated mica, Laura has created a luxurious formula that leaves skin hydrated and protected with a radiant, timeless glow.”

I first up want to mention that I have combination acne-prone skin that is super sensitive. More information, here.


Broke my skin out? No, it didn’t.
Coverage? Good medium to full coverage, which can be sheered down by using a damp sponge.
Apply with fingers, brush or sponge? I personally prefer apply foundation with my fingers, especially for this foundation because it gets streaking when applied with standard foundation brush and sponge gave sheer coverage, which is what I DON’T WANT when using this foundation.
How to apply? I apply some of the product on my fingers and rub the foundation between them to warm it up and apply to my face, blending them out in circular motions on my face.
Colour/Shade? I have this foundation in shade Rose Ivory, when first applied, it seems to be too fair for my skin but after I let it set for a few minutes, it oxidized to be a perfect match to my skin tone.

It also doesn’t have any SPF in it so it might be a disappointment to some but I personally like it that way because I usually wear this to events, dinner or where I know my photos would possibly be taken and I don’t want any light casts on my face. But please wear a sunblock or any SPF underneath the foundation if you are going to be under the sun.

Image All in all, I think this is a perfect foundation when I want fuller coverage and a flawless finish. I like that this foundation is relatively luminous, though you can also make it matte by dusting some setting powder on. It is recommended to be use with a primer underneath, so check out Laura Mercier’s primers if you are interested. It is said to be perfect for all skin types. Click on this link, to find out more about the Silk Creme foundation. If the Silk Creme is not up your alley, Laura Mercier has many other foundation that I have heard great reviews of, so check it out at your local counters.

In Malaysia, you can find Laura Mercier in Lot 10, One Utama, Pavillion, the Gardens Mid Valley, Bangsar Village II and Parkson Grand Gurney Plaza.
As of the time I am writing this post, this foundation retails for RM169 locally and you can also find it online locally at Kensapothecary.

Hope you found this post useful and please leave a comment if you have any other question.

Thank you!

My Skin Type and Concerns

Hey everyone,

Today I am going to address my skin type and skin concerns for future reference in regards to my upcoming makeup or skincare posts.

I have combination skins, which means I am usually oilier on my T-zone (the area including my forehead and down my nose), and drier elsewhere (i.e. my cheeks and chin). I also have acne-prone skin and it has been like that since I started puberty. Though it is in much better control that it was years ago, I still often get hormonal acne. With that in mind, let me add that I have large pore that seem to never want to shrink. I have tried all kinds of things to clear my pore to hope to shrink them. Pore strips, mud/clay masks, all! You name it, I’ve tried it I ALSO have sensitive skin. I have changed and tried, I dare say, more than 15 different skin care line to keep my skin under control, because many of them break me out. (If you would like to see my current skin care routine items, please let me know and I will make sure to do it for you.)

Anti-aging is not my priority yet, though I am afraid of getting fine lines and wrinkles and spots and what nots.

Anyhow, I am still in a quest to find my perfect skin care routine and I will NOT give up, so hopefully I can document my journey and share them with anyone who is interested and who has the same goals as me. 

Ok, I should end this now.
Let me a comment if you have any tips for me, for suggestion or questions or anything. You can also email me, and find my links on my ‘Contact Me‘ page.
Thank you!


(Re)Starting My Blog

Since I have nothing to do for like at least a half a year, I thought why not work on sharing things with people again.

I used to post just random pictures and what not but I thought why not start doing reviews of things??? I love reading reviews, from food to fashion to beauty, at least what I am passionate about.

Especially beauty actually, I am in a phase where I am obsessed with skincare and makeup so thought that I’d share since I went from a super acne-faced teen, to a, well, still acne-prone, still a teen (but is under control). I will do a post where I talk about my skin type, concern and all that.

I will also work on posts about my obsession with designer items. (No shame really, I’ll admit I’m obsess.) I rather not called that ‘fashion’ since I don’t think I am close to being fashionable but I thought that I’d share my thoughts.

Oh, and food. You know how people say “some eat to live, some live to eat”? I think I fall somewhere in the middle, if a Facebook relationship status can be described between me and food, it would be “It’s Complicated”. Love sweets, meat? Not much. I am not a vegetarian, I’m not a vegan. I just don’t like meat, red meat especially, but yes to seafood. Oh, just want to put it out there, I am not one of those people who doesn’t eat meat because they are so concern about animals and they don’t want to kill animals, all that. NO! I love my leather, I just don’t like meat. So all in all, if I were to describe my diet, it would most probably be Pesce-pollotarians.

Other than that, I will also do posts about just random things really. Things that I think I would be interested in reading about. I have a few drafts of post that has been untouched since forever so I will work on that.

Wow, I plan to only write a short notice, then it turned out to be such a long babbling post. So if you finish reading until here, please know that I really appreciate it and love you for that, so yeah, peace out.