Video Games

By Lana Del Rey

Date: 19th Mar 2012
Cut myself again. My legs are crazy unlucky.

Date: 20th Mar 2012
Clouds again. I’m boring.

Date: 21st Mar 2012
Waiting outside in the cold. Not a pleasant feeling.

Date: 22nd Mar 2012
Clouds again…

Date: 23rd Mar 2012
Haha, no more clouds. This is one of the samples I’m making for textiles in school. I first painted blue and purple stripes on it, then I hang it up to dry vertically, in hopes that the colour will all bleed together.

Date: 24th Mar 2012
We iz silly, I mean, I.

Date: 25th Mar 2012
Clouds, again….. Just a little obsessed….




By San Cisco

Date: 12th Mar 2012
Reading this for like the 10th! Favourite book ever!!!

Date: 13th Mar 2012
Selfies with Ellena but that girl chose to ignore me. 😦

Date: 14th Mar 2012
I swear the gods up above doesn’t like my legs. After recovering from the ugly bruises, there comes scars from another fall…

Date: 15th Mar 2012
I have an obsession with taking photos of clouds.

Date: 16th Mar 2012
Flamingo on my shirt.

Date: 17th Mar 2012
Took this photo on the train to Melbourne. I am not really sure how the photo turned out like that, because it sure wasn’t dark at that time.

Date: 18th Mar 2012
I walk a lonely but beautiful road…with Audrey.

Hahaha, bye!

Teresa Teng (鄧丽君)

I don’t know about you, but I believe that most kid growing up in a Mandarin-speaking family must have heard of this beautiful singer, Teresa Teng, or at least her angel-like voice. Or at the very least, her famous song, “月亮代表我的心"(yue liang dai biao wo de xin). Rings a bell? Yeah.

My mum was a big fan, still is, and apparently cried when heard that she passed away. But I obviously couldn’t really remember,  I was about 1 year old at that time. I actually think no one above the age 40 don’t like her. I use to hate it when someone would play or sing just any old Chinese songs and would only want to listen to ‘cool’ boybands (such as Backstreet Boys and Westlife at that time).

So few days ago, I was listening to my songs on iTunes and it was on shuffle, a song was her was suddenly playing. I’d usually just skip the song, but I had that sudden urge(?) to continue listening. It brought back so many younger childhood memories, I remember my grandmother singing “甜蜜蜜"(tian mi mi), a favourite song of hers. Yeah well, that night, I listened to that very song maybe 5 times in a row, and had a huge cry-fest. I miss my grandma so much.

The point is, I have now started to slowly appreciate Chinese oldies. I do feel bad though, cause many of the lyrics, I don’t really understand. The words they used songs sound so beautiful, so poetic… It feels awful.

So well, here’s my favourite few songs from this amazing woman.

1. “千言万语"(qian yan wan yu)
2. “甜蜜蜜"(tian mi mi)
3. “但愿人长久"(dan yuan ren chang jiu)

Ok, I’m fine guys. Bye.

Won’t Go Home Without You

By Maroon 5

Date: 4th Mar 2012
Best scene in whole season 4 of HIMYM. The is the part where Barney told Lily that he ‘kind of’ likes Robin.

“I just want to be with her! All the time! I want to hear about her day, and tell her about mine. I want to hold her hand, and smell her hair. But I don’t want to be her stupid boyfriend.”

Date: 5th Mar 2012
I took pictures of the answer at the back of the book so that I don’t need to keep flipping the pages. So annoying.

Date: 6th Mar 2012
Whole row of glorious buttons.

Date: 7th Mar 2012
I lost a few buttons of my favourite top, so with the buttons I bought yesterday, I changed them all and it looks brand new!

Date: 8th Mar 2012
International dinner out with school mates, this is buddy Kelly Ao.

Date: 9th Mar 2012
Freakin’ gorgeous sky on the train.

Date: 10th Mar 2012
Wanna know how to famous clock in Melbourne Central looks at night?

Date: 11th Mar 2012
Incey-wincey spider is dead.

Till then.

Random 10 Pet Peeves/OCD of Mine

Pet peeves means, to me, things that annoys me a lot.

OCD means, to me, things that I tend to do obsessively.

Random 10 Pet Peeves/OCD of Mine
(in no particular order)

1. I have this this weird thing that I do when I do my work in school. If I have a choice, I will ONLY write my answers in blue or lead, notes in black, and mark only in red.

2. I always say, write, type a entirely different word when I know the correct word I was going to use in my mind. If you understand what I mean.

3. I get very annoyed when people mess up my highlighters when I borrow them. i.e.: people use a yellow highlighter over a blue one thus making my yellow one green.

4. People talking on a phone loudly, and for a long period of time, in the same room as I am, and I have to speak really softly as to not disturb that person’s conversation, when they can just speak as they like outside

5. When people don’t look at me when I’m talking to them.

6. People who chew very loudly, especially chewing gum, because it is kind of never-ending. I don’t chew gum.

7. People who type out words like, skool(school), kewl(cool), kyute(cute). I mean seriously, just type properly.

8. People who say “BTW”, when they can say “by the way”.

9. When I go away for a while, to go to the toilet or get a drink or something, and I come back to see my seat being taken.

10. When people say “literally” unsuitably and inappropriately. i.e.: “It literally blew my mind away!” Like what?!?!?! How can your mind be blown away, literally?

Ok. End.

Make You Feel My Love

By Adele (originally by Bob Dylan)

Date: 27th Feb 2012
Unknown humongous bruise on my calf.

Date: 28th Feb 2012
Nacho Macho.

Date: 29th Feb 2012
I sleep with ‘him’ every night.
Btw, leap day baby!!!

Date: 1st Mar 2012
First day of spring and it is wet!

Date: 2nd Mar 2012
My friend, Now, cut her foot with shattered glass, accidentally. It was gross, blood was splashing out like a fountain!

Date: 3rd Mar 2012
My random dye experiment that I turned out to love, but forgotten how I actually did it. 😦

Random Dress Sketches

Remember I said I would scan some of my sketches and post them up? Turns out scanner doesn’t really work because I draw really lightly. So I took pictures of all my sketches and am going to post some of them!

Here goes













I don’t think I actually have a distinctive style, but I do like to showcase a woman’s waist to create hourglass shape. You can see, for shorter dresses, I like them to be tight most of the time. As for longer dress length, I like them flowy, romantic and princessy(in an elegant way, not little kids princessy way).

I also know I still have so much to improve on my drawing, especially my sketches. I do appreciate so much if you(anyone) leave a comment telling me how to improve and giving me more inspiration to sketch.

And oh, it’s March!

Ok, bye.