Not Over You

A week’s roundup of Project 365, ooh yeah!!!!

Date: 20 Feb 2012
My eyes.
Shot with Pudding Camera App, the Fisheye function then vivid effect.

Date: 21 Feb 2012
My walls are brick-red. Literally.

Date: 22 Feb 2012
Random ground in the boarding house.

Date: 23 Feb 2012
It says,”Kelvin 到此一游,” which means “Kelvin’s was here.”

Date: 24 Feb 2012
Rummikub/Digital Game, whatever it is called, with Ellena and Audrey. I lost, badly!

Date: 25 Feb 2012
Alisa Song in da house yo!
Taken with Multi-Lens.

Date: 26th Feb 2012
I put tea in my milk, not the other way around.

Ok bye.


Normal jeans?

What comes to your mind when I tell you ‘normal jeans’?

Never mind the cut of the jeans, I mean the wash. I think everyone has a pair of basic jeans that they wear to death and it matches with everything.

Something like that???

Well, few of my friends and I was in a friend’s room to help her ransack her wardrobe because she couldn’t figure out what she will be wearing to see her crush! A friend suggested a nice top and a pair of ‘normal’ jeans. That girl does actually have a few pair of jeans, but they are all in colours! Purple, turquoise, green!!! We then asked her,”do you have any normal jeans at all!” She then said,”of course!”, and pulled out this.

Oh girl, this is not normal jeans. This is not even jeans, they are leggings!!!!!


Random 10 Favourite iPhone Photography App

As an iPhone user, abusing all the iPhone app that are offered is compulsory. There are my random 10 favourite photography apps for iPhone (possibly available for Androids too).

Random 10 Favourite Photography App:
(in no particular order)
1. Instagram
This is definitely one of the favourites! I am pretty sure I mentioned it before in my random 10 iPhone apps post before? This app is amazing! There is tons of filters to choose and I love that you set up a account there, and you share pictures like a social networking site. You get to follow and see other people’s photos and follow cool celebrities and what nots. The ONLY problem I have with this app is that you cannot save your photo if you don’t have Internet connection.
This is free to download

2. Photoshake.
I like that I can just select photos and then I literally shake it and it combines all my selected photos into a beautiful collage/picture for me!
I think this is around $1. But frankly, not worth my money, I am pretty sure there are free apps outside that can do this too.

3. MoreLomo
This app was the first photography app I tried on a iPhone 4. I don’t have my iPhone yet at that time, but my friend who has one told me that this was the coolest. It really is. It automatically filters any photo you take into the Lomo effect. Although now I know so many more apps that can do more than the Lomo, I still strongly recommend this!
This is free to download.

4. Pixlromatic
This is very similar to Instgram, minus the social networking and need of Internet connection so this is amazing in my book.
This is free to download

5. Popbooth
This is really cute! It takes four pictures, one after the other, and you can put through filters with them. My favourite one is the one where they change your photos into different colours.
This is free to download.

6. LemeLeme
I’m starting to see a pattern here now. This is one is very very similar, again, to the Pixlromatic. It has many different filters, but for this one, I can tell you my favourite. I love the rainbow leme filter, just cause I think it makes my colourful photos look even more vibrant!
This is free to download.

7. Pudding Camera
I swear this is one of the best! You choose camera type and features before you snap! When I first downloaded it, it was in Korean which was a little annoying because I don’t understand the language but now the English version is available! Go download it NOW!
This is free to download.

8. CameraTimer
Just cause iPhone camera’s doesn’t offer a timer. There are times when I want to take a group shot without leaving anyone out or I want to take self shots and there’s no one to help me!

9. MultiLens
This is so fun! You get to choose your templates, how many boxes, and then you take pictures according to the boxes. A little hard to explain, just go download it!
It is FREE!

10. Plastic Bullet
You take your picture, then they magically transform your picture into pretty ones!!!

All We Are

By One Republic

A week’s round up of Project 365!

Date:13th Feb 2012
New laptop battery!
So my previous one is acting ridiculous! Even fully charged, the power goes dead in less than 10 mins, and usually it lasts for about 4 hours!

Date:14th Feb 2012
8.30pm and still so bright! App used is LemeLeme with Rainbow Leme.

Date: 15th Feb 2012
On the way back to the boarding house in a cab.

Date: 16th Feb 2012
English Orals Note Cards(?), what do you call them anyway?
My oral is on “The media is accountable for promoting negative body images to young women”.

Date: 17th Feb 2012
Prettiest top/dress!!! But not really….

Date: 18th Feb 2012
Photo of a street in Geelong taken with Instagram. Adore all the filters they offer.

Date: 19th Feb 2012
Found my folder of sketches with croquis. This is one of the first ever sketch!
And yes, I have folder full of random garment sketches. I want to get them all scanned so I get to keep them forever. I might post it up one day if anyone is interested???

Btw, 6 more weeks till I go home, yeah baby!!!

Ok. End of the post

The Vow

Watched the movie ‘The Vow’ last Saturday together with a bunch of friends of a part of a friend’s birthday celebration. Okay, that was quite a mouthful.


Moving on. The movie, in short, is about a man who has a wife who lost her memories in a car accident and doesn’t remember him at all. Then the man worked really hard to make his wife fall in love with him all over again.

I thought that this movie was really sweet. It was quite lighthearted in most of the parts, but was quite sad in some too. And as you can see from the poster above, it stars Channing Tatum(star of ‘She’s The Man’ fame) as Leo and Rachel McAdams(of ‘The Notebook’ fame) as Paige. And could I say, Channing Tatum, dayum!

I think it is overall a great movie, though I won’t pay to watch this movie again. It is suitably so, out in the cinemas during Valentine’s Day period. The things Leo in the movie, did for Paige was so sweet, that all the women(like 95%) in the cinema went awwwwwwww.

It is a great movie for everyone, couples or not. Actually, I think it is a good movies for girls to watch on a girls’ night out. I am pretty sure all the men watching the movie in the cinema was forced to watch it by their girlfriends/wives. Oh, but maybe children shouldn’t watch it. There was this scene when Channing Tatum was butt naked, literally.

So ya, overall, I’d rate it a 6/10! I like it but will not fork out money to watch it again in the cinema.

Ok, end.


By Lil Wayne featuring Bruno Mars

Let’s do a week’s roundup yeah?

Date: 5th Feb 2012
I have the cutest friends. From the left, Audrey, me, Kelly and Ellena

Date: 6th Feb 2012
I was studying on my bed, thus the messiness.

Date: 7th Feb 2012
Was watching ‘Crazy Stupid Love’, and ogled at Ryan Gosling!!!

Date: 8th Feb 2012
Yummy sorbet!!! It was passionfruit and orange flavoured.

Date: 9th Feb 2012
Impossible feat for Samantha Lim but she did it! The impossible messy room I live in gets excellent and very good ratings for cleanliness of room. Sent it to my mum too, hahahahaha.

Date: 10th Feb 2012
Me with pretty flowers that was a present for a friend’s birthday

Date: 11th Feb 2012
Goofiest friend, Now Patcharapond!

Date: 12th Feb 2012
Margherita pizza that was yummeh!

p.s: to all the haters



Life’s Little Instruction

So before I came here to Australia, I got gifted a book from my aunt. It’s called ‘Life’s Little Instruction Book’ by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. My aunt said this book was gifted to her by someone else and she thought it was really interesting and she gave it to me hoping I could learn a thing or two.


Inside the book, there is 511 suggestions, observations and reminders in how to live a happy and rewarding life. This book was intended for the author’s son, and he said his son appreciated it so much he was going to add a few more things and keep for his future own son.

I do love the advices inside the book, but some I don’t really understand why. So here are some of my favourites and some of my ‘Huh?/ Why?’ ones.


43. Never give up on anybody. Miracles happen every day.

119. Put a lot of little marshmallows in your hot chocolate.

173. Be kinder than necessary.

188. Become the most positive and enthusiastic person you know.

201. Don’t carry a grudge.

245. Never cut what can be untied.

444. Never underestimate the power of a kind word or deed.

445. Don’t undertip the waiter just because the food is bad; he didn’t cook it.

509. Marry only for love.

‘Huh?/ Why?’:

19. Buy great books even if you never read them.

I read all the books I buy. Why would I buy them then if I would not read them?

74. Eat prunes.

So that you have better digestive system?

84. Forget the Joneses.

Who are the Joneses?

281. When paying cash, ask for a discount.

Even at a departmental store?

361. Never eat the last cookie.

Then who’s gonna eat the last cookie. Btw, according to Thai superstition, eat the last piece of food on the plate gets you a good looking life partner!

So that is all!
Sorry, I don’t know where you can get it, and this book is published in 1991, that is 20 years ago! You could possibly still find it on the Internet, maybe. Or maybe there’s another version already or something. But if you are really interested in seeing all 511 advices in this book, I’d happily type it all out and email to you! Shoot me an email if you want!


*Edit: I found a link of the book and the author. Hope it helps! By the way, there’s a volume 2, first published in 1993.