By Cameron Mitchell (originally by The Beatles)

Date:16th Jan 2012
Alcohol is a must-have at all major dinner in the Asian culture. Especially expensive ones to show off. How about 4 bottle of whiskey that costs 300AUD each per table at a dinner?

Date: 17th Jan 2012
Om-nom yummy homemade fruit cake.

Date: 18th Jan 2012
Champagne grapes, a bunch is as big as an iPhone!



69th Golden Globe’s Red Carpet

I’m never really into awards shows, just can’t really stand watching through the whole ceremony, but I am always very into the red carpets held before them!

I like checking out both online and on magazines about what critics say about the red carpet fashion. Thought I’d share my top 3!

Order from my favourite 3rd to 1st.

Jessica Alba was wearing a Gucci dress, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, Bvlgari jewels and Roger Vivier bag.
I’ll be honest and say though I don’t particularly love her dress, I thought she looked beautiful and radiant. So thumbs up. She said in an interview that her daughter thought she looked like a mermaid in the dress and I thought it was cute!

Emma Stone was wearing a custom made Lanvin.
I love this dress, it looks beautiful on her. I never particularly care about Emma Stone, though I do love her work in so many movies, her fashion sense is also one thing I’m very interested in.
Of what she had to say about her dress: “It’s purple and fuschia, and there’s an eagle!”

Charlize Theron was wearing Dior dress, Cartier jewelry and Givenchy shoes.
This is hands down my favourite look from the red carpet. I believe that though the clothed might be one of the first thing that you see on someone, but on the red carpet, the whole package is important. Charlize looked so beautiful, and I love everything about her here. Her hair, her skin, her makeup, her dress, her shoes, her jewelry!!! Awesome!!!


A Dream is A Wish Your Heart Makes

From Disney’s Cinderella

Date:12th Jan 2012
Typical home cooked meal at home.

Date:13th Jan 2012
Saw this signboard on the road that says, “Don’t you feel guilty cutting queue?”

Date:14th Jan 2012
Cousin’s cute as chihuahua named Mika. Everyone say hi!

Date:15th Jan 2012
So right but so wrong. Four cheese macaroni.

Ooooooh! Btw, shout out to Louisa! I seriously didn’t expect that after all this time, you’d still read my humble blog.

Please do leave a comment, whoever else who do reads my blog so that I could give a shout out and be appreciative. I always see this views and stats of blog reaching to random high numbers but I never know who reads the stuff I wrote. Thank you!


Japanese Men’s Eyebrows

Y U so thin?!?!?!

On the first or second day of the Japan trip, me and my cousin both noticed a Japanese man with super thin, obviously shaved eyebrows. Mind you, the man looked very masculine, so the thin eyebrows looked so weird on him. But then we realised that every men the Japan shave their eyebrows to thin lines there! From teenagers, to mid-age men. Everyone!

All photos are taken from Google Images, with the keywords ‘Japanese Men Eyebrows’ keyed in.
Didn’t take any photos, because I don’t really dare to go up to any Japanese to take photos of their eyebrows.



I mean just look at that! How can anyone thinks its sexy and hot on a man?!?!?! I do strongly believe in keeping a tidy and ruly eyebrows even on a man but bushy and thick is obviously more manlier!

I learned that from my mum that Japanese men shave their eyebrows to show that they take care of the appearance and shaved eyebrows shows that they look over every single detail of things that show to people.
But here are the examples of how they can do it better!


*I do realise one is half American and half Korean, and the other half Taiwanese and half Japanese but just trying to show their eyebrows.*
Ok, so look at their eyebrows. It has obviously been cleaned and shaped, but the thick and bushy brows is still there and is more manlier, makes the eyes more piercing and makes girls swoon and…and…and… Just plain sexy.

I’m just going to abruptly end it by saying, guys with thicker brows are cuter.

Satay Celup

To say I love and thinks satay celup is amazing is definitely an understatement. Cause I freakin’ love satay celup and thinks satay celup is freakin’ amazing!!! Hahahahahahha….

Was back in Melaka, my dad’s hometown to visit family. Had satay celup, which was ingredients poke through with sticks and placed into hot peanut filled curry broth! Was absolutely yummers!!!

Went to Capitol Satay Celup and it was filled with people waiting in lines and it was a Tuesday night!

Copious amount of grounded peanuts are put into the broth and it smelled divine! At least to me…

And you see the fried dough in front of the broth? That’s mine, waiting to dipped it in!

Me fried dough full of sauce!!!


Do What You Love

By Ryan Huston

Date: 8th Jan 2012
Dinner with the family. Photo with the cousin!

Date: 9th Jan 2012
I love YouTube, I love ‘Wendy’s Lookbook’!

Date: 10th Jan 2012
So enamoured with baby’s feet. This is my cousin’s baby daughter.

Date: 11th Jan 2012
Watching ‘Tangled’ in high definition on tv!!!