Saying Goodbye…

…to Year 11 that’s it!

Date:21st Nov 2011
Went and bought the Year 12 jumper (sweater), cause Year 12 orientation is starting in 2 days! Very very excited!
Covered my school’s name and jumper’s badge for privacy reasons.

Btw, school officially starts tomorrow, so I may not have that much time to blog daily. Will do every other day though, so bear with me.

Signing off.


Take Me To Your Heart

Project 365 Day 6

Date: 19th Nov 2011
Boring day just staying in. But still an interesting photo today, viewing my own blog on a laptop screen, ok, not really that interesting but I don’t have anything else to take photo of. 😦

Michael Learns to Rock’s “Take Me to Your Heart” is the English version of the famous 张学友(Jacky Cheung) “吻别”(Kiss Goodbye(?)). The music style of this song is very ‘Chinese’, if that makes any sense.

Signing off

Random 10

So I’ve decided to start a new thing on my blog called “Random 10”. I will post a list of 10 random things about me according to a different topic bi-weekly, i.e: my favourite food, 10 random facts about me…

In relation to yesterday’s post about me not being sentimental enough, I realize I cry a lot listening to songs. So for my first Random 10, here is my:

10 Songs I’ve Cried Listening to: (In no particular order)
1. Extreme – More than Words
(Had this distant but distinct memory of when I was young of this song playing in the car after my family attended the funeral of one of my mum’s aunt. Everyone was crying in the car, my mum, my grandma so through this memory I connect this song with funerals whenever I listened to it? If that makes any sense.)

2. Tamia – Officially Missing You
(When everyone is crazy about the JS(YouTube’s jayesslee) version, I turn back to Tamia. There is a video on YouTube of Tamia singing this song live in Central Park. It made me teared. How she sang it made it so beautiful and emotional.)

3. Eric Clapton – Tears in Heaven
(Explanatory is probably unnecessary? Just knowing the origin of this song is sad enough to make people tear.)

4. Boyz II Men – On Bended Knees
(This song reminds me of my grandma —who passed away a few months away if you are not aware—. So I was listening to this song on the flight back from Aus to M’sia for my grandma’s funeral, and I started crying when the part where it goes “I’m begging you, begging you come back to me.”)

5. Sarah McLachlan – When She Loved Me
(Oh Toy Story, the lyrics alone is enough to make someone tear, and then you imagine the scenes, you cry. ‘Nuff said)

6. Carly Simon – Nobody Does it Better
(Classic. Is definitely one of my favourite songs. Nobody does it like Carly Simon.)

7. Michael Learns to Rock – You Took My Heart Away
(I just really like this song I guess. And the lyrics are really beautiful.)

8. Brian McKnight – Home
(First encountered this song probably early last year. Left home to come to Aus. I know this song is intended for a lover, but I can’t help but to think of my home when I listen to this song. Super cry-able.)

9. Robin Thicke – Angels
(Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. It deserves the praise. Robin Thicke is amazing, music is amazing, lyrics is amazing.)

10. Boyz II Men – A Song For Mama
(Refer to No.4. I call my grandma “Mama”(grandmother in Cantonese). And…yeah.)

Will maybe look for YouTube videos and put up the links for each and every song above at a later date. If I remember and bother.

Signing off.

It Will Rain

Hi. It is now day 5(?) of Project 365. Again. So far so good.

Date: 18th Nov 2011
Realised that I’ve never posted a close up shot of my face in this blog? Or have I? Oh well, at least not recently. This is how I look like, hair up, fringe up, when I’m just casually chillin’, not outdoor.


Another obligatory frown-y eyebrows shot! Hahahahahahha

Went out this morning to watch the first part of Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Pretty good movie I should say. So so so much better than the 2nd and 3rd, albeit the gory childbirth scene, although that made me cry. How Bella as a mother would suffer for the existence of her baby, that was really touching. I’m relatively sentimental, love stories rarely makes me cry. I cry when there parent-child sad storyline involved, or if it involves animals.

“It Will Rain” by Bruno Mars was featured in the movie. Good song, Bruno Mars is awesome in general.

Signing off.


Date: 17th Nov 2011
Watched this video on YouTube about marble nail art or something like that and wanted to try out. Obviously failed miserably but was still a good try. LOL!

Listening to Robin Thicke’s ‘Angels’. Definitely one of the best R&B singers around, go check him out if you haven’t.

Signing off.

Nobody Does It Better

Project 365 Day 3


Date: 16th Nov 2011
Best friend, Benz Yingyoud leaves Geelong! Check out her ‘S&M’ inspired luggage! Hahaha, jokes. She wrapped tapes around her luggage in case her luggage accidentally burst open! See you soon baby!

Just a random note, Carly Simon’s “Nobody Does It Better” has been constantly playing on my phone and iPod as of lately. It’s been one of my favourite songs since I first heard it. I was so obsessed with it, I even searched it on YouTube looking for different covers of it! Radiohead has a pretty mean rock cover, and also check out Adam Sandler’s funny live cover on an awards show!

By the way, I think my blogging mojo is back! Been pretty frequent with the blogposts and is quite inspired to write more! But let’s just see how things go, the mojo might go away tomorrow. LOL.

Signing off.