Chocolate High

Date: 30th Nov 2011
The boarding house had a Secret Santa Night where everyone is given a person to give a present to. I received chocolates, but didn’t quite like the nutty chocolates I got, so I exchanged with Audrey who also received chocolates, because I liked hers, and she liked mine. Hahahahahahahah, shhhhh, don’t tell!

It is already the end of November! How quick has time passed?! Hi December!

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I swear my hair grows like lightning speed.

Date:29th Nov 2011
Check out how long the hair and fringe is! I got it cut less than 2 months ago!!!! Nearly shoulder length too! Want to get it shorter, like above shoulder length shorter. Yes? No?

I look so demure. Hahahahahahahah demure.

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So Long, Farewell

Date:24th Nov 2011
Just a typical boardo food. Some kind of risotto with ‘vegetables’ as a side.

Date:25th Nov 2011
It was Chillie Wiek’s farewell dinner, and we went to Wharf Shed’s (ordered the exact same marinara pasta again, cause I’m boring like that, but in the olive oil base and it sucked!)We also went to the ferris wheel in Geelong after that. Was awesome! Above is a picture of me and my friend Alisa holding the awesome golden ticket to the ferris wheel!

Me holding awesome ticket stub.

Strawberry ice cream cake we got for Chillie.

Whenever I post more than one photo, please keep in mind that the first photo with date stated is the main photo.

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What day already?

Date: 22nd Nov 2011
Ok, so I’m now a prefect. Unbelievable? I know. But yeah…moving on.
Had a leadership camp thing in school and it was also Alisa’s last night in the boardo(boarding house). She was packing, that’s why her ever-so-clean room is messy for once.

Date: 23rd Nov 2011
The only person who can be cute and weird at the same time. I present to you Now Patcharapond.

Been watching the 4th season of “True Blood”. I know it the highly inappropriate, but it is so addictive and awesome! And Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd, kill me.

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