Day 8: A song to match your mood



1996 – 2011

My dog, Sailor, of 15 years died about 3 hours ago.

Sailor’s best friend, Popeye, died of old age too, about 2 years ago. These two years, he’s been strolling around the neighbourhood when ever he has the chance to ‘escape’ from the house, maybe reminiscing the times he spent and the places he went together with his old friend. Sailor’s friendliness is well-known. Nearly everyone in my neighbourhood knows him, even people we don’t know.

I have another dog, her name is Baby. At a ‘mere’ 6 years old, the age difference might be a reason why Sailor seldom ‘hang out’ with Baby. Every time I see Sailor, he’s always alone, with his limping leg, walking slowly around. I’d go to him and pet him, maybe feed him some biscuits or what nots.

He seem solemn in his last few days, but nobody paid him extra attention. I really do regret.

Sailor, I miss you. You can never be replaced. I hope you can find Popeye and you guys can be like old times.