One month holiday back in M’sia

God I miss Malaysia. Back here for 2 weeks already, and I have bucket-loads of homework(two page ‘brochure’-essay to write for Commerce and a Dance assignment).

*Super unrelated* Dance here is so different compared to the one I’ve done back in the old school or even outside back in Malaysia. I have theory for Dance here. Learn about the dance history, choreographer and so on.

Well, back to main point. My family, plus extended family, organised a party for me. Well, at least I think it was for me, because my cousin brought her friend FRIENDS(a lot) too, and no, I don’t know any of them. It was awkward at first, but who cares, I have my family, my cousins, my friends FRIEND(one only), and my neighbours.=] We gamble too!!! YAY!!!! I didn’t get to gamble during chinese new year, which was supposed to be a tradition, so it was fun!

Funny conversation that night

Dylan Tan(my cousin), Me

*Mandy Tan was looking at my purse, then Dylan came and started using his hand to scratch my purse*

Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi, Oi!(scolding him)

Che che, what is Oi?

Oi is ask you don’t touch!

Che che, just say ‘Dylan, please don’t touch’.

He actually said that. He is only THREE! But he is just too adorable.

This other time, he said

Dylan Tan(my cousin), Me, My Mum

*Random day*

Che che, why Ah Yi(my mom), always say horh?

*Horh means…..nothing(i think?), it’s usually used to emphasis when we Malaysian Chinese say something*

You ask Ah Yi youself lah!

*Lah again means….nothing*

Ah Yi, what is Horh?


Cause you always say Horh.

You say Horh, also what!

*Deep Breath*

Well, he’s really very adorable. Miss him so much.

I realise most of this post was kinda about Dylan, maybe I could create posts about how cute he is, and what he ever said??? Maybe.

I will continue next time, so wait for the next post!



The Lost Months

I am SO SORRY that I have been MIA for such a long time, I admit that I have totally forgotten about this blog. I swear I’m going to blog more frequently and be a ‘rajin’ blogger.

School’s been fine. More long posts about random stuffs and travels coming soon. I promise.