Google Chrome

Google Chrome is seriously big loves!!! I just downloaded it, i know, so lame now only download, but it’s really really cool. I especially love the idea of having theme so that the windows does not get boring. It’s super cool. I’m using the Donna Karan one now.

The link is here.

Go download NOW!

P.S: I’ve just realised the German and London trip post is not up yet, still lying in the draft box. Will try to post before I go to Australia.


The Princess and the Frog

Project 365 updates!!!

Project 365: Day 3, 8 Jan 2010

Grandma covering herself, sleeping. I forgot to take a picture, when I remember, this is the only thing ‘interesting’ around me. (FYI, it was only 11+pm, so still counted as 8 Jan)

Project 365: Day 4, 9 Jan 2010

Was back in Melaka to visit relatives. Was at this kopitiam after dinner talking. Ordered this drink and called it ‘The Avatar Drink’.

Project 365: Day 5, 10 Jan 2010

Best companion for boring back-from-Melaka-roadtrip.

Project 365: Day6, 11 Jan 2010

Family made steamboat for dinner. It was YUMMERS!!!

Project 365: Day 7, 12 Jan 2010

Was watching ‘The Princess and the Frog’, yes, for the first time. So lame, now only watch.

That’s all. Bye.

The Phantom of the Opera

Please ignore the title above, this post got nothing to do with ‘The Phantom of the Opera’. Whenever I write my 365’s posts and nothing else, the title will be movies I’ve watched and loved.

Project 365: Day 1, 6 Jan 2010

Was showing mum that by posing like this in pictures, double chin can be avoided.

Project 365: Day 2, 7 Jan 2010

Was in Pavillion. Took a picture while waiting for cousin in the toilet, very rare for me to camwhore in toilet.

Project 365

I’ve decided to start the Project 365 of my own.

Project 365 link.

Basically, you are supposed to take a picture, EVERY DAY, and post it somewhere (I post it on my blog). Then you write a little something (a big something if you want to) about the photo or where the photo came from.

If you’re the kind of person who never goes out and only stays at home, no fear. Take a picture of things at home then. Something important, something worth talking about. Not that hard, yes?

No camera? Or not used to bringing your camera out around too? Never mind, use your phone, don’t tell me your phone cannot take picture. I don’t carry my camera around too, phone camera function is so useful, suddenly.