I’m flying to china, soon…

at least after christmas.

Am read the book ‘Wild Swans’ by Jung Chang.

Want to get into the ‘China’ spirit feeling.

It’s not bad, haven’t finished it yet though.



I watch Sex and the City: The Movie…

yesterday and notice that Carrie Bradshaw(Sarah Jessica Parker) has a Marc by Marc Jacobs, Huge Hillier Hobo in Black!!! (I’ve talked about the bag last post) It was in a scene with ‘St.Louise from St.Louis'(Jennifer Hudson), where Carrie came into the room and ‘St. Louise from St.Louis’ was working on her computer. If I’m not mistaken, it’s in about time 1:51:50 something.

The Favourite Brand(s)

I am not a fashionable or even very fashion-conscious person. But of course, I do sometimes see things I like here and there.

I am NOT a Louis Vuitton person. Maybe because my mum and cousin is already very into it making me… bored of it. But I do LOVE Gucci. The first really ‘branded’ stuff I’ve gotten is a small bag from Gucci.(But some stupid f**king bastard draw a lines using BLUE INK PEN, and it’s now ruined, just the day before yesterday)

Back to the subject, I love designs from the Great Marc Jacobs. The younger-er line of his,  Marc by Marc Jacobs naturally becomes 1 of the most beloved brand. The quirky design of his clothes and bags holds extra attention to me. But if you know me well, I usually tend to choose more simpler colours (which SOME-people will say boring). Colours like white, black, grey, nude, camel, beige, brown, cream…. Yes, very neutral colours. Am lusting for a Marc by Marc Jacobs Huge Hillier Hobo or Lil Riz. I want to smaller size 1, not the huge 1. Anyone would kindly, sweetly, buy it for me for Christmas, don’t buy too colours that are too bright… Buy colours listed above for me, kthksbai.

Hillier Hobo in Grey

Lil Riz in Brown

Other than that, I love stuffs from Bottega Veneta. This Italian brand, famous for it’s woven leather, is apparently bought by Gucci already. I love their woven leather purse which looks like this.

Bottega Veneta Woven Leather Wallet

The 3rd brand, is not from the high fashion/overpriced/Malaysia very hard to get brand. It’s Zara. I shop there 24/7. Most of my clothes in my closet, is from Zara. I tend to make it a ‘tradition’ to at least ‘visit’ Zara in every country I’ve been to. The reason Zara catches my eyes(and my heart) is because they usually use plain-er colours in their design, which totally suits me.

So, if you people wants to understand or know more about the brands above, do click on the link I’ll be providing below. Just click on the brand’s name.

Marc by Marc Jacobs, Bottega Veneta, Zara

P.S: Now that I’ve figured out how to upload the pictures, Germany and London trip post will be up very very soon.


Watched 2012 last Saturday. Despite lots of people saying how it sucks/boring/stupid it was, I think… it was FANTASTIC!!! I even teared during some of the parts!!!

After the movie, people ask me what will I do on the last day if the world is nearly going to end. Before the movie, I’d answer you that I will sit down, and cry until I die.

When my cousin said she’s going to sing ‘Ain’t No Mountain High’, I changed my mind. I’m going to sing ‘Tears In Heaven’. Don’t cry in planet Earth, cry in Heaven.

p.s: Totally in love with the guy starring as Sasha, the pilot. Name is Johann Urb. SO GOOD-LOOKING CAN DIE!!!

UPDATED: Was watching ‘The Hottie and the Nottie’ the other day, and found out that Johann Urb was in the movie. Johann was starring as… Johann.

Hello world!

The title on the right there was given by wordpress.

Previously, I have been blogging at www.(notgoingtotellyou).(notgoingtotellyou).com.

Only few of the closest friends know about it. I talk about random stuffs, and I am going to do it here too. And no, I haven’t deleted my previous blog, so you people who know it can still visit it.  I’m going to blog things, you guys told me to blog starting from next year.

I will prepare to blog about the Germany trip. So, please wait.

Bye, samevernever